Woman’s Plea Against Self Checkout Kiosk Gets Huge Support From Over 100,000 People | Petition Against Self-Checkout Kiosk: ‘You can’t talk to machines’

Petition Against Self-Checkout Kiosk: At a time when digital payment...

Petition Against Self-Checkout Kiosk: At a time when digital payment technology is progressing rapidly, a woman in London has started an online petition asking to “stop replacing people with machines” Petition on Change.org Self-service automated kiosks at Tesco is against. “You can’t talk to a machine,” Pat McCarthy, 69, told the BBC. There are many who think like McCarthy, with over 100,000 people signing his petition.

McCarthy’s petition states, “These new tills are not accessible to those who do not have credit cards and can only use cash or who are less inclined to use these self-service card-only tills.” Have confidence – I’m included in that too.” The petition states that the automated system now makes up 3/4 of the till in Tesco.

‘Loves chatting with employees’
McCarthy further said in the petition that she prefers to chat with employees because she lives on her own, but “now that experience has been taken away from me.” A Tesco spokesperson said the human staff is “absolutely important to our store” and that they “will always be ready to help our customers.”

Retailers put in advance system for payment
Meanwhile, many retailers are putting in place advanced systems to make payments hassle-free and quick. Leading financial services corporation MasterCard is testing technology in Brazil that would require just a smile or a wave of a customer’s hand at checkout.

Last month, another company came up with a unique idea to put a chip in your hand that you can use to make payments by swiping your hand on a receiver. A company called Walletmore uses Near-Field Communication, or NFC, a technology used by smartphones for years.

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