World Hepatitis Day 2022: Hepatitis Disease Can Cause These 3 Damages To The Kidney Know The Hepatitis Symptoms And Preventive Measures

Hepatitis Affects The Kidneys: World Hepatitis Day 2022 is celebrated...

Hepatitis Affects The Kidneys: World Hepatitis Day 2022 is celebrated across the world on 28 July. The purpose of celebrating this day is to know about this disease among people and its prevention. Both liver and kidney are important organs of our body. At the same time, both of them also have a deep relationship because the kidneys do the work of removing the toxins produced in the liver from the body.

If a disease is suffering from hepatitis disease, then during this time there is a risk of inflammation in its liver, which directly affects the kidney itself. Due to which the kidney may have to face many problems. Let us know on the day of World Hepatitis Day that the damage to the kidney and what measures you can avoid by adopting it.

acute kidney injury
Actually acute is a type of viral which is caused by hepatitis itself. To avoid this, the help of hydration therapy is taken, which can recover from the damage caused to the kidney.

Glomerulonephritis is the inflammation of the glomeruli. Its infection is seen in hepatitis B and C. In this disease, the immune system gets affected, due to which the kidney filters are damaged and there is swelling in it. Due to this, blood and protein starts going into the urine as well as the level of urea and creatinine increases. Prevention of chronic kidney damage is possible if the disease is caught on time.

protect like this
There is a vaccine available to prevent hepatitis B and A. There is currently no vaccine to prevent hepatitis C.

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