Yogasan Do These Yogasan Daily For 10 Minutes To Reduce Belly Fat

Yogasan For Belly Fat Loss: Obesity is a big problem...

Yogasan For Belly Fat Loss: Obesity is a big problem in today’s time. Both men and women are facing this problem. Especially women are very much troubled by this problem. In the midst of family responsibilities, women are often able to pay less attention to their health. Therefore, with time, diseases go on surrounding them. One is the tension of work, and with increasing age, due to hormonal changes, women come with the tension of weight gain. Due to lack of exercise and yoga, it has been seen in women that their belly fat starts increasing.

To stop this belly fat, we will tell you some easy yoga poses that will help you deal with your problem. The special thing about yoga asanas is that they will be completed in just 10 minutes. Due to which your work will also continue and your health will also be fine. These asanas are done lying on the stomach, due to which they are more beneficial.


You have to follow some steps for this asana. Bhunjagasana is the most effective way to eliminate breathing problems. This asana is done lying on the stomach for only 10 seconds. The techniques done in asanas are therapeutic.


The second number in the list of asanas is that of Dhanurasana. It is one of the most effective asanas of yoga. In this, the shape of a bow has to be made by lying on the stomach. Many health problems can be eliminated by repeating the asana once or twice.

trika bhujangasana

To do this asana, one has to lie straight on the stomach. While lying in the asana, one has to hold the breath for 10 seconds. First rise up like Bhujangasana. Twist the body while moving the neck. Do this on both the right and left sides.


To do this asana, one has to lie straight on the stomach. Then raise your head slightly with your hands forward and slowly raise your legs. You have to stay like this for some time.

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